Messy Sound is a recording and mixing studio, based in Amsterdam. Messy Sound feels that it’s a commitment to release music as much as possible from our daw’s and let it go free into wires, condensators, tubes, cables, transistors and other electronic circuits to find its own sound. Bring back the noise. You will be surprised by the unexpected results.

Messy Sound is responsible for all recordings of I Believe In My Mess. Messy Sound is largely responsible for the critically acclaimed record Give Us A Kiss by Scram C Baby (Excelsior Recordings, 2018). Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant ranked this album the maximum five stars: “The intensity and intangibility remain, but audibly longer time was taken to amend: these are no longer AHDH sketches, these really are full-blown finished songs. And how wonderfully recorded; never before SCB sounded so good”. 

Messy Sound made dub mixes for artists like De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Hallo Venray, Canshaker Pi, Fatima Yamaha, Scram C Baby, Meindert Talma, Bauer, The Leonidsand Roald van Oosten.

Messy Sound is producing beats for other composers and musicians.

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