Every Generation

I Believe In My Mess – Every Generation Got His Own Little Bag Of Tricks

Produced & recorded by Messy Sound (Frank van Praag & Geert de Groot)
Filthy Good Records, 2018

When the legendary American disc jockey Alan Freed coined the phrase “rock ‘n’ roll”, Bo Diddley was the first musician he considered to be an exponent of this style. In 1955, playing the musician’s first single called “Bo Diddley” for Chess Records in Chicago, Freed declared: “Here’s a man with an original sound, an original beat that’s gonna rock ‘n’ roll you right out of your seat.”
Decades later Bo Diddley reflected back upon his 1979 US tour with The Clash. Did he like the sound of these new kids on the block? We think he summed it up pretty well when he stated that, “Every generation got his own little bag of tricks…”.

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